The Ups and Downs of Erectile Dysfunction

New research shows that across the 46 “ceremonial” counties in England, southern counties generally have a higher number of men who use prescription medication to treat erectile dysfunction, as compared to the middle and northern counties, which generally contain the lowest number of users.

The data was complied by UKMeds4U.com, a UK-based private online clinic, and it reveals that when measured purely by numbers of users per county, there are no real surprises:

Greater London & the City come out on top, as they have the largest population in England; Rutland comes out lowest, as it has the smallest population.

However, when measured by numbers of users on a per-capita ratio per county, Berkshire comes out highest, with Tyne & Wear coming lowest.

The top & bottom 5 by each measure are listed in the accompanying infographic. If you don’t see your county listed, but are curious to see where you rank, go to the bottom of this page for full lists showing the placement of all the ceremonial counties in England.

Even though the research by UKMeds4U.com shows higher average numbers of users of erectile dysfunction medication for more southerly English counties, it may not be an indication that they need it more than mid-to-northerners.

It’s possible that there are just a higher number of southerners who are amongst those men who do something about the condition.

Surprisingly, even with the availability of the NHS, private medical services and reputable UK-based online clinics, it's estimated that only about 33% of men who have erectile dysfunction actually seek any advice or treatment for their problem.

This is despite the fact that prescription medication treatments tend to be successful in about 66% of cases.

Erectile dysfunction is also known as "ED", or "impotence", and it's estimated that over 10% of men suffer from it on a long-term basis.

Research also suggests that about 40% of males have already experienced it, or will experience it at some point, at least occasionally.

There are many causes for the condition, and estimates show that as much as 80-90% of all cases are caused by physical reasons. These causes include:

• Age (as many as 50% of men over 40 may be impotent to some degree);

• Diseases & health issues (such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes) account for about 70% of cases;

• Diet & lifestyle choices (for example, smoking or excessive alcohol consumption)

Of course, psychological and emotional issues can also contribute to the disorder. Stress and anxiety are estimated to be the cause of about 10%-20% of all cases. And worrying about having ED just creates a vicious mind-body cycle making the condition worse.

Scott Clark, the customer services manager at UKMeds4U.com, said: “I find it a bit shocking that about two-thirds of men who experience erectile dysfunction don’t try to do anything about it. Even though up to 66% of those men who are prescribed medication for the condition are able to have a normal, healthy sex life.”

If you’re a man reading this, and you think you might be suffering from erectile dysfunction, don’t be one of those 66% who do nothing about it. Make an appointment with your GP, a private doctor, or a reputable online clinic today.

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