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Little orange pill

Experts say that Levitra, the 'little orange pill' is now the fastest growing treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Ian Russell, a specialist nurse who runs a clinic at the Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary, said: “Many patients used to think Viagra worked for everyone but there are many men for whom it doesn't, or works less well than Levitra.”

In fact, as many as 47% of men who have tried Viagra stop taking.  This is often due to its lack of effectiveness and unwanted side-effects, which is why it  is great to have a new treatment option in Levitra, which is showing very good results.

In an international study involving 463 men, all of whom had made at least six unsuccessful attempts to have sex using Viagra, Levitra worked for 6%.

As Levitra belongs in the same class of drugs as Viagra many doctors have been under the impression that there was no reason to try it as an alternative.  These clinically proven results would seem to suggest otherwise.

Distributed by the drug makers GSK and Bayer, Levitra is available on the NHS for some impotence sufferers, with a private prescription being available by GP for others.

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