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Q. How old do I need to be to have an e-consultation?

A. You must be at least 18 years old.

Q. Why aren’t your prices immediately visible?

A. In order to comply with UK laws, information about prescription medication, including prices, is only available once you have completed your e-consultation. Once you have completed this then you will then have direct access to this information. We will also provide this information if a direct request is made.

Q. Why are some internet sites selling this prescription medication at such low prices?

A. If these prices are dramatically lower than ours, then they probably are not supplying genuinely licensed and branded pharmaceutical products. You will therefore have no way of knowing exactly how or where their products have been manufactured, or what chemicals they might contain. Whatever the case, you will be taking a chance with your health, or maybe even your life, by using these questionable products.

Q. Are your doctors and pharmaceutical suppliers reputable?

A. Yes. Our licensed UK doctor is registered with, and regulated by, the General Medical Council and are authorised to write prescriptions for the medications we supply. The UK licensed and regulated pharmaceutical supplier that dispenses the medications for us is a registered member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and is also a registered supplier to the NHS in the UK. All parties involved in the process have to comply with the strict standards of operation and codes of ethics as well as UK government regulations and laws. This is to ensure that we only supply genuine branded medication from a regulated UK source and that only those who are suitable for the prescribed medicine will actually receive the goods.

Q. How will I know that the medication you supply is genuine?

A. All medicine which is supplied by us is dispensed by a UK licensed and regulated pharmacy which is monitored by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, or MHRA.

Q. Do I need a prescription to obtain medicine from you?

A. Yes. In the UK it is illegal to offer prescription medication for sale without a prescription. If a company is operating in this way it is either operating illegally or is based outside the UK. We require that all our patients have an online consultation with one of our doctors so that they can diagnose the condition and provide the correct prescription for your particular problem.

Q. Do I need to have another e-consultation for a repeat prescription?

A. No. Once you have had an initial e-consultation, and you are approved for treatment, you will be able to request a repeat prescription. At the time you will have the opportunity to review and update your delivery details and medical information if anything has changed.

Q. Should I consult with my own doctor about my treatments through you?

A. Yes. We would always advise you to consult your own doctor before starting any courses of medication. If at any stage of the e-consultation you have any questions relating to your health we would advise you to consult with your own doctor as they will be more familiar with your personal medical history. We will be able to provide you with a letter and information to give your doctor which will accompany your order. We advise you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, which are contained in the packaging of each product, completely and carefully. We will not accept any liability for the abuse of any medication purchased through us.

Q. Will you divulge my medical information or other details to anyone else?

A. The information from your e-consultation will be used by one of our doctors in order to make a diagnosis and write a prescription, pending suitability. If any medication is prescribed then your prescription will be given to our pharmaceutical supplier in order to fulfil your prescription. All parties in the e-consultation/fulfilment process are required by law to keep records of your details for a period of time. No one else will see any of your personal or medical information, nor will we divulge or sell your personal data to any third parties.

Q. Will I start receiving unsolicited emails, or SPAM, after I have an e-consultation and registered with you.

A. No. From time to time we may send you news of new products, pricing changes, or special offers, which is in compliance with UK Data Protection laws. If you wish to you can ask us to stop sending you these emails. We will also never pass on your details to any third parties that may do this without your written permission.

Q. Why do I need to provide my telephone number?

A. After you submit your e-consultation form, our doctor may have some questions regarding your information and would need to contact you. We would usually do this via email as a first means of communication but we may need to use the telephone in certain cases. Your telephone number will not be disclosed to any third parties.

Q. What exactly is included with your prices?

A. The services we provide for the prices advertised includes:

  •  Cost of UK GMC registered doctor e-consultation
  •  Free advice from our UK-registered doctor
  •  Cost of UK regulated pharmacy dispensing your prescription medicine
  •  Postage and packaging for UK deliveries, including Northern Ireland.
  •  Free online order tracking facility
  •  Customer support, online and via telephone
  •  Speedy repeat Prescriptions with no need to re-register


Q. Are there any hidden costs to your service?

A. No. The prices which are listed in the e-consultation process are exactly what you will be charged.

Q. Which credit/debit cards do you accept?

A. At present we accept Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Visa Delta, Switch/Maestro and Solo.

Q. Is it safe to use my credit/debit card over the internet?

A. Yes. After you complete the payment forms on our site they are transmitted to our Payment Service Provider using 128 bit Secure Socket Layer encryption technology which prevents anyone from intercepting your information. The padlock symbol at the bottom of your browser tells you that it is secure. Our online Payment Service Provider, like any online bank, are the only ones that need to use your card details, and they do this automatically and electronically, so there is no direct human involvement. We never see your card number or other associated details.

Q. Can I pay by cheque or postal order?

A. Yes. We will accept cheques and postal orders. All you need to do is select “Offline Payment” at the end of the checkout stage, then print out the e-consultation form and send it to us with your cheque or postal order. Please make the cheque or postal order payment to “” and be sure it is in UK/GB Pound Sterling. Please note that we will not dispatch your order until the cheque has cleared, which can take up to five working days.

Q. Which currency do you use for payments?

A. UK/GB Pounds Sterling. If you want to pay be cheque or postal order, please be sure that it is payable in UK/GB Pounds Sterling.

Q. Can I submit my e-consultation by fax or mail?

A. Yes. All you need to do is select “Offline Payment” at the end of the checkout stage and complete the payment details section, before printing, then print out the e-consultation form. We can only accept faxed forms if you pay by credit or debit card. If you wish to mail your e-consultation form to us, you can pay by credit/debit card, cheque, or postal order.

Q. When will you debit my credit/debit car, or cash my cheque/postal order?

A. Only after your e-consultation has been reviewed by our doctor and you are approved to have a prescription written. If you are not approved then there will be no charge for the e-consultation service.

Q. What happens if my e-consultation application isn’t approved by your doctor?

A. If your application isn’t approved initially we will then contact you to discuss your medical details to attain additional information, or let you know that you cannot be approved. If you are not ultimately approved then there will be no charge for the e-consultation service.

Q. How long does it take for the e-consultation process to be completed, assuming I’m approved?

A. If your e-consultation form is submitted on working days, Monday-Friday, 9:30am-3:30pm, excluding holidays, it will normally be reviewed before the end of the next working day. If a prescription is written for you this will normally be dispensed by the end of the next working day and will be dispatched to you after payment has cleared. The medication will be sent using UK Royal Mail Special Delivery as this is insured and a signed for service.

Q. When and how will my order be delivered?

A. All orders are delivered using UK Royal Mail Special Delivery which is an insured and signed for service. We use completely opaque packaging with no indication of what is contained. Once dispatched we can email you a tracking number so that progress of the delivery can be followed, or so you can estimate the arrival date and time to ensure someone will be at the delivery address in order to sign for the parcel.

Q. Can my delivery address be a P.O.Box?

A. No, because someone has to sign for the delivery and, for added security, we will not deliver to P.O.Boxes. Please note this when completing the delivery address details.

Q. Does someone need to sign for the parcel?

A. Yes. Royal Mail will require a signature from someone at the delivery address to confirm receipt of the parcel. If there is no answer at the delivery address when the delivery is attempted, they will usually leave instructions on how to collect it. If you know that no one will be able to accept delivery at your home address, please be sure that the delivery address is at a location where someone will be able to sign for the parcel, such as your place of work.

Q. What happens if my delivery address is different from my card holder or billing address, or my home address?

A. All of your address details will be verified, especially the card holder’s address, prior to approving your e-consultation application and dispatching your order. If we have any questions, or there are any discrepancies, we will contact you for clarification. This may delay the approval of you e-consultation application as we cannot finalise the process until we have clarified and confirmed all your information.

Q. What if there is a problem with the items delivered to me?

A. If your order arrives damaged or if the items are missing or incorrect, please go to the Delivery Info section of our site for full details of what to do.

Q. Can I return prescription medicine?

A. No. We are prohibited to accept any returns of prescription medicine unless we have sent you incorrect items. It is therefore imperative that you are sure that the medicine which you order is what you actually want or need, and that it is suitable for you. If you are not sure, or you have any questions, we advise you to consult your doctor before you submit your e-consultation application.

Q. Will the medicine I receive include instructions for using it?

A. Yes. Any medication we dispatch will include the manufacturer’s instructions for use, but only in English. Please follow these instructions carefully and completely. We also advise you to discuss your treatment and prescription with your own doctor, especially before ordering or taking any medication.

Q. What do I do if there are any side effects?

A. If you experience anything you think may be related to taking the medication, you must stop taking the medication immediately and inform your doctor as soon as possible. In extreme circumstances, go to your nearest emergency treatment facility for advice or assistance. The known side effects are listed with the respective medicine information on our website, on the manufacturer’s website, and in the information and instructions included with the medication.

Q. What if I still have questions which have not been answered by any of the FAQs?

A. Please contact us and we will endeavour to answer your questions as quickly and completely as possible.


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