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Happy Sex Lives

According to American and Norwegian researchers men in their 50’s have happy sex lives despite declining sex drives and problems with impotence.

In fact, according to a recent survey of 1,185 men aged 20 to 79, more men in their 50’s reported leading happy sex lives than men in their 20’s.

The men rated their satisfaction with various aspects of their sex lives on a scale of zero to four (with four being the highest). Men in their 20’s had an average overall satisfaction level of 2.79, while men in their 50’s had an average of 2.77. Men in their 30’s had an average of 2.55 and men in their 40’s scored an average of 2.72.

Although men experience more problems and less sexual function as they get older, it doesn't necessarily follow that they cannot lead happy and fulfilling sex lives. The availability of erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs such as Viagra can help them to improve their sexual life even further.  In fact Viagra has already been proven beneficial for millions of its users throughout the world.