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The Pfizer account has been called the largest in the healthcare domain, and its marketing communication business for India has been taken over by Lintas Healthcare. Besides Lintas Healthcare various other organisations will be working on this assignment including LINOpinion who will be working the PR side of things; Advent who will be dealing with events, and Lintas Personal, who will work on the CRM and Web Development parts of the deal.  Other Lintas IMAG divisions will be on hand to help them deal with the work load.

They will all have a big and at times difficult job to do. Healthcare advertising is a different and very specific business and, unlike other brands, healthcare advertisements have so much to do with people’s lives that marketing needs to be done carefully and precisely.

This is just as much true with erectile dysfunction drugs, which can have fatal side effects if used incorrectly. Even Viagra, the erectile dysfunction drug which is, perhaps, one of the world’s best known brands, even outside the pharmaceutical industry is not without its drawbacks.

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